Kristy Coppendale



Kristy Coppendale

A Creative Practitioner, Leader, Development Coach and Educator

With a passion for the arts that dates back to childhood I feel fortunate that I have experienced what I have and had the opportunity to work with some highly inspirational figures. As a child my dream was to run my own drama and music school and as far as my memory draws back I recall dancing with a hairbrush in my hand and recording myself singing!

In 2013 I achieved my dream, and so can you. With a little help, one is able to achieve anything. I was invited to become Principal for an award-winning performing arts school of 100 students.

Now a coach in acting, professional development, and vocal health, I am fully qualified to help you develop your skills in many areas and provide the confidence and technical skills that underpin achievement and success.

Whether it’s a high profile work presentation, informal wedding speech or the confidence to communicate everyday. I will develop your skills. I will show you the proven breathing techniques to help physically and mentally calm you down and the practise of correct posture, breathing and relaxation.

I have specialist and unique skills as my experience combines both the business and theatre worlds, which enables me to communicate at a high level across industries. I help performers, teachers, educators, presenters, students and anyone of any age from any industry to develop skills:

build confidence, increase assertiveness, develop presence, improve public speaking,

develop presentation delivery, maximise interview impact, improve communication,

maximise vocal delivery, improve vocal health,

develop acting skills, audition preparation