Coaching and Fees

I help performers, teachers, educators, presenters, students and anyone of any age to develop skills in any setting (work, performance and everyday life):

build confidence, increase assertiveness, develop presence, improve public speaking, develop presentation delivery, maximise interview impact, increase employability skill set, improve communication, maximise vocal delivery, improve vocal health, develop acting skills, audition preparation

Whether you’re an amateur, professional or have nothing to do with being an actor; drama training enhances lives in so many ways.

Are you a medical student and need to improve communicating and listening to get the best from your patients? Are you a leader who has the knowledge but lacks confidence to manage a board meeting? Are you an administrator and lack assertiveness with colleagues and clients? Are you a student preparing for an exam, audition or performance? Are you a call centre agent or teacher who is fed up of having a sore throat from speaking (or shouting!) all day?

Kristy offers tailored one-to-one and group training in schools, colleges, universities, businesses and community groups. All training is carefully planned and delivered at the appropriate level with specific learning aims and outcomes, some of which are listed below. My teaching methods cater for every learner.

Educational Workshops:

  • Help actors prepare for new parts
  • Prepare students for drama school auditions
  • Looking after the spoken voice
  • Understanding narrative, characterisation and setting
  • Acting workshops for theatre companies

Corporate Training for Public, Private and Third Sector:

  • Improving presentation skills and public speaking in the workplace
  • Maximising the use and power of the voice
  • Team building through communication and interaction

More Specialised Training:

  • Correctly connecting the voice and breath, and posture
  • Maintaining and improving vocal health
  • Correctly training the spoken voice (using spoken and singing exercises)
  • Strengthening core muscles and finding one’s centre

Key Learning Outcomes For All Workshops:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Improve awareness and concentration
  • Develop team building
  • Develop trust
  • Improve communication skills

Content is tailored to your needs and all training is experiential and participatory.

If you require any of the above, please do get in touch!


Why my fees are so competitive? I am passionate about what I do. A lot of similar consultants push their fees to the limit because they know people will pay. I believe in equality and that everyone should be offered opportunities and chances to better themselves.

To find out exact costs, please get in touch!